Spring Revival 2013

“The most important thing we do here is to make sure the spiritual needs of our students are met," remarked OCU president Dr. Mark Smith as he brought the first session of Ohio Christian University’s 2013 Spring Revival to a close on Tuesday morning. For this reason, OCU devotes three days each semester to gather as a community in self-reflection and rededication through a series of special revival services. Evangelist George Holley Jr. of Crown City, Ohio, was invited as this year’s guest speaker. Brother George’s knowledge and careful application of scripture has challenged both the student body and the faculty and staff to greater depths of understanding and dedication to God’s ways as taught through His Word."I didn't come here to impose my standards and convictions on you,” confessed Brother George during Wednesday’s session. “But I am challenging you… to let the stuff of the world filter through the Word of God. You are at a place in your life right now where you need to establish some standards and convictions; you need to know where you’re going to draw the line. Because if you let the world draw the line for you, I'm convinced that it probably won't draw a line, and if it does it will be crooked at best. Please do not draw the line in the sands of the world's philosophy and mindset, because every time a different tide rolls in, the lines will change and need to be redrawn. I challenge you to draw your lines in the rock of the Word of God so that regardless of what political party is in charge, regardless of what may be politically correct, regardless of what the tide of the time may be, you can be steady, true, and consistent, basing your life on the Word of God."Brother George’s life has been a testament to this passionate exhortation. Saved at age 12 and sanctified as a teen, he went on to attend Marshall University in Huntington, WV, and Point Pleasant Bible School and College in Point Pleasant, WV. He met his wife, Pattie, during a youth revival at his home church, and they were married in 1977. That same year George began working for Federal Mogul Corp. in Gallipolis, OH. In 1982, he responded to God’s call to preach.After serving two years as a lay minister and a year as an associate pastor (all the while maintaining his factory job), he returned to his home church, Crown City Wesleyan Church, as its pastor and served in that capacity for 17 years. Then in 2002, after much prayer, he stepped out in faith into full-time evangelical ministry. With the Lord providing every step of the way, Brother George bears witness, “We firmly believe faith is not a leap in the dark, but a stepping in the light.”

About OCU

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