Student Learn Valuable Business Skills at Annual Roundtable

Students of Ohio Christian University’s School of Business and Government had the opportunity to speak with various community leaders at the annual Corporate Roundtable. A panel of five experienced businessmen and women were on the panel, offering advice to upcoming graduates looking to succeed in the corporate world.

“Patience is one of the largest derailments I’ve seen people struggle with” said M.J. Clark, on when asked about her position as an executive recruiter. “It takes time, patience, and hard work to move up. It’s not about what you must do, but who you must be”.

The panel offered insight to working for a large company in comparison to a small business. Scott Allen, Vice President of Privott, suggests that there are pros and cons to both. “The advantage to larger companies is more standardization – but your experience is limited. With smaller business, you wear many hats”.

Tim Baker, OCU Alumni, explained his career experience at Nationwide Insurance. He recommends getting your foot in the door through contract or part time work, as they often lead to promotions. The panel encouraged students to ask themselves, “Am I growing?” as a way to assess their current position.

The Corporate Roundtable is one of various annual events held for students to gain real-world insight, in addition to the Small Business Roundtable and the Distinguished Speaker series. 

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