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Caitlyn McCrary Singing at OCU

Student Profile: Caitlyn McCrary Is Asking Big Questions

Caitlyn McCrary is a senior psychology major in OCU’s Residential Undergraduate program.

Growing up, Caitlyn felt she had been hiding in the shadow of her musically-talented family. Questions like “What about me? What am I good at?” echoed in her head regularly.

Being a student at OCU helped her realize her God-given potential. Her personal growth is affecting every area of her life.  Recently, Caitlyn made this testimonial video about her exploration to answer her big questions:



If you’re like Caitlyn, wondering about your future and asking your own big questions, why not consider following her to OCU?  Perhaps, here you too will find encouraging people and worthy resources to help you discover answers to your questions?  Perhaps, the many unique opportunities at OCU will start you on the journey of turning your dreams into reality?

Start your adventure of self-discovery by scheduling a visit, applying to enroll, or simply requesting more information.