Women's Soccer Season Outlook

Josh Murton, OCU Soccer Coach

This year, 2009, marks an exciting year for OCU women.  The inaugural season opens this year and there is much to be excited about! The women's team is a varsity team; this allows them to play in post season play in the NCCAA.

Due to their first year status, the women have eight regular season games. View the Women's Soccer schedule.

Seven freshmen/transfers decided to make OCU their new home this year, and they will join the other twelve women on campus in competing for the Lady Trailblazers.  Heading up the women's program is Coach Josh Murton.  Coach Murton is also the Head Coach for the men's program, and he led the men to their first regular season title in the Mid-East Region.  Assisting Murton is Coach James McIlhargey, also an assistant for the men's team, and Aaron Duvall who will be coaching his first season of soccer.  We are looking forward to a great season!