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Writing Workshops Boost Communication Skills

Writing Center Workshops Boost Communication Skills

OCU’s Writing Center offers hands-on workshops to help students grow their writing skills.

Drop-in and phone-in consultations are available five days a week. Tutors also are available for online consultations six days a week.

In addition to providing one-on-one consultations, the Center hosts topical workshops that focus on understanding the rhetorical situation, proposal planning, drafting a thesis and outline, synthesizing research, research writing, writing article reviews, and mastering APA documentation. The workshops help students through the planning, drafting, and revising process for assignments required in first-year composition courses.

Amber Bond expresses how the workshops made a significant difference in her transition to college-level writing:  “The writing center workshops have helped me immensely throughout the past two semesters of English Composition. They helped me with my overall writing skills, organization, and knowing what is expected in a college paper. Tutors are friendly and good resources when I was completing my assignments or papers. I greatly appreciate the time everyone put into the workshops to help me accomplish my assignments.”

The Writing Center is not just for freshmen.  Center directors and tutors also work with faculty to provide discipline- and course-specific workshops.  Upperclassman Shay Adkins describes how a Writing Center workshop helped her with an assignment. Prior to attending the workshop, Shay confessed she was “really frustrated with the assignment” and “felt completely overwhelmed.” “The tutors helped me break it [the assignment] down into parts making the assignment much more achievable in my own mind,” she explains. “Working with these tutors gave me insights that simply talking to my professor didn't provide.”

Senior Miracle Higginbotham shared her experience too: “Even though I grew up in church and have done a lot of academic research, I was out of my depth when it came to writing my Theology Capstone paper. The Writing Center's workshop helped me nail down my ideas and put me on track for the research I needed to do.”

The Writing Center, located in the Maxwell Library, has these hours:

Mon: 9:15—10:45; 1—midnight

Tues: 9:15—12:15; 1—midnight

Wed: 9:15—12:15; 1—midnight

Thurs: 9:15—10:45; 1—8

Closed Friday—Saturday

Sun: 8—midnight