PS4050 Integrative Seminar Part 2

The Integrative Seminars are designed to allow the student to focus efforts on a specific topic of his/her own choice in any related area such as  mental health issues, counseling theories, personality theories, etc as a capstone project. The purpose of Integrative Seminar I is to enhance skills of research, emphasize use of APA style, identify a topic for the final paper, and produce a preliminary bibliography identifying resources for the final paper. Integrative Seminar II occurs approximately one year later and is the culmination of this capstone project allowing the student to demonstrate the fruit of his/her labor. The intent of both seminars is to better prepare the student for work at the graduate level, sharpening skills that will positively impact performance in the pursuit of advanced degrees.  Students will use APA style competently, create papers that reflect critical thinking, and engage peers in constructive dialogue.

Credit Hours: