Bill Baker, Director of OCU's New RN-BSN Program

Ohio Christian University has appointed William “Bill” Baker as Director of Nursing to lead the new Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science (RN-BSN) program in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies. Baker brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will serve students well.

In thinking about his leadership role, he said, “I am challenged by the formidable task but inspired by the opportunity to design a program of learning that is Biblically based and informs the true meaning of nursing as a healing discipline. We are distinctive in our approach to adult learning, diverse in our learning platform options, Christian in our perspective that nursing is a ministry, and unique in our concept that true leadership is in fact servant hood.”

OCU wants to support the national effort of preparing nursing at the baccalaureate level to assume servant leadership roles in the care of individuals, families and communities. The RN-BSN program has already been approved by the Ohio Board of Regents and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Baker hopes to distinguish the program through embedding the professional nursing practice model and integrating faith as the basis for nursing care into its nursing curriculum. Student learning is from a conceptual perspective and facilitated in an adult-learning environment.

OCU is a program of choice because of its design to accommodate the adult learner who is a Registered Nurse with an unencumbered license. The design is an accelerated BSN program with convenience, affordability, and user friendliness. The adult learning model allows students to focus on 5-week courses, one course at a time, one evening a week (onsite) or 24/7 (online) with active faculty participation in the learning environment. Students may choose from several onsite locations for face-to-face instruction, the online learning environment, or a blend of both.  Consistent progression from course to course results in program completion in approximately 19 months. OCU also recognizes and rewards prior learning credit to facilitate educational mobility.

Baker concludes, “Because of these differential advantages combined with experienced, dedicated faculty and supportive administration, I expect the nursing program to steadily grow and enjoy a long, healthy future.” Cohorts have already started in Circleville, Lancaster, and online. Contact 1-855-OCU-GRAD1-855-OCU-GRAD to join one of these or begin at one of our other locations.