The Christian Worldview of Nursing

The Christian Worldview of Nursing

By William Baker, Director of Nursing

Ohio Christian University is decidedly Christian and teaches the Christian worldview as foundational to learning in every discipline. Consistent with the mission and goals of OCU, the leadership of the RN-BSN (Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Program believes that true nursing cannot be separated from the Christian story; therefore, the program is designed to clearly define the practice of professional nursing within the Christian worldview framework. Early and often in the curricula, nursing students discuss the concepts of nursing as they are built upon and around the essence of Christian thought and practice.

We believe God is Creator who shapes our understanding of human persons and the environment. This foundational principle does two things: 1) informs our concept of health which directs our caring behaviors as nurses and 2) supports the appropriate use of technology and quality empirical science. The Christian worldview embraces the reality of the spiritual and unseen as well as the importance of faith and prayer. The uniqueness of Christ-inspired nursing lies in its emphasis on caring for the whole person with unconditional respect for the person. Nursing is both a science and an art, but primarily it is a response to God’s grace and a reflection of His character (adapted from Shelly & Miller, 2006). Nursing in the framework of Christian influence is truly holistic and traditional, and it embraces the essence of commitment, caring, and compassion as loving service to others.

Christian nursing provides the foundation for who we are and what we teach. If learning professional nursing in this context appeals to you and if you are a Registered Nurse seeking to advance your nursing career, we welcome your application to our RN-BSN Completion Program.  We offer a flexible, adult friendly, regionally accredited nursing program entirely online (24/7) or entirely onsite one night a week at several locations. Our curriculum is driven by the Essentials of Baccalaureate Nursing; our faculty are practicing nurses and experienced teachers; and our classroom conduct is engaging where active learning is the rule.

Classes are in progress now and new cohorts are forming for March and April. You are invited to join us for a career-changing, life-changing opportunity at OCU. To request more information or apply for an upcoming cohort, call 1-855-OCU-GRAD or visit

Shelly, J.A. and Miller, B.M. (2006). Called to care: A Christian worldview for nursing (2nd ed).  Madison, WI:  InterVarsity Press