OCU Starts First RN-BSN Cohort in Lancaster

First Lancaster BSN Cohort for OCU

Ohio Christian University welcomed 18 new students on Tuesday, November 19, for the very first RN-BSN (Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing) cohort in Lancaster, Ohio. OCU is dedicated to redefining nurse education in preparing nurses to deliver holistic Christian care with a heart for servant leadership. The majority of students are employed by Fairfield Medical Center, and Cynthia Pearsall, FMC’s Chief Nursing Officer, was in attendance to encourage them in the momentous decision to further their education.

Scott Boyer, Assistant Director of Onsite Recruitment, worked diligently with FMC and applicants over the past month to ensure this strong and successful start. Heidi Frederick, Assistant Vice President and Dean for the College of Adult and Graduate Studies, said, “OCU is committed to providing the curricula, facilitators, support, and services that BSN students need to be successful in their academic program and in impacting the nursing field.”

The conceptual framework of the program includes a focus on treating the human as unique, having dignity and worth and entitled to health care. Nurses need to take into account the physical, social, economic and political environments as defined by the client to deliver culturally sensitive, and technologically advanced care. OCU believes the definition of health varies, and therefore, all patients have a right to participate in the decisions affecting their health, while keeping safety at the forefront. Finally, OCU regards nursing as both art and science with an emphasis on compassionate and conscientious Christian caring.

During the first night of class, Bill Baker, Director of Nursing, shared what an honor it was to collaborate on this history-making partnership between OCU and FMC, “For this first Lancaster BSN cohort, tonight begins a journey moving forward to becoming different, so that as professional nurses we can make a greater difference to the health of our communities and the world.”

The program is designed for the convenience of busy working nurses, with classes available either one night per week onsite or completely asynchronous online. If you are interested in enhancing your nursing education at the BSN level, call 1-855-OCU-GRAD (628-4723) or visit ohiochristian.edu today.


Pictured Above: The first night of class for BSN cohort in Lancaster, pictured with the students (from the right) are Bill Baker, Scott Boyer, and Professor Vicki Rhoads