Leadership Lesson 3: Leadership Begins in Prayer

Leadship Begins in Prayer

I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him.  ~ Psalm 62:1

As I studied Joshua a pattern for leadership victories began to develop -- Joshua prayed, he planned, he prepared, and then he performed or executed the plan. But first he prayed! Now, he did not just pray he also acted, and prayer should cause action. The last few years I have learned a new lesson about prayer -- I listen for the voice of God more than I talk to God. That is what I have been doing the past three weeks. When leading an organization like OCU, I spend each morning asking for wisdom and direction. As I move into a spirit of oneness with the Holy Spirit I ask for new ideas on how to grow and lead. Part of that prayer time includes taking a paper and pen and jotting down what I sense I should do for that day, week, or year. I am often told you have so many creative ideas, and I can honestly say with all sincerity that these ideas come from my prayer times. Joshua devised battle plans that are studied to this day, and reading Scripture you see God gave those plans to him. I try to spend 30-60 minutes thinking about how to lead forward each week -- just creative, Holy Spirit-led prayer time. It is my secret. (I also have regular prayer time.)
Leader, do you spend prayer time each week seeking to lead and grow your organization?

Here are a few questions to ask in that prayer time:
1. Lord, where do you want us to be in 5 years? Write it down.
2. Lord, what are the needs in our community?
3. Lord, what are 3 new ideas to reach those needs?
4. Lord, who should I connect with to meet needs?
5. Lord, what are ways I can lead today to reach our goals?

If you do this your leadership will change. Leader, how do you pray?
I refuse to pray status quo prayers. I was created to make a difference and so were you.

Love you all,
President Smith