OCU President to Serve on Eleos Technologies’ Board

The president of Ohio Christian University accepted an invitation this week to serve on the board of a company that provides Internet-based transportation management services for shippers and their transportation service providers.  Dr. Mark Smith has joined the corporate board of Eleos Technologies, a new for-profit company located near Greenville, South Carolina.  The company desires to expand on a national basis and asked Smith to join based upon his extensive marketing experience.  Smith stated, “If this can help our community by opening avenues to attract businesses to Pickaway County and give support to Ohio Christian University, then this board appointment will be a success.”  Eleos’ first board meeting will be early this fall.  

Eleos Technologies’ founder and CEO is Kevin Survance.  Prior to founding Eleos, Survance was Chief Technology Officer at MapQuest and Director of Technology Development at American Express.

Smith also recently became a board member of Columbus 2020!, a group facilitating job growth, business expansion and marketability for central Ohio through a public-private partnership of Ohio’s research and academic institutions.