Psych Club


The Psych Club held it’s beginning of the year meeting lead by the officers elected at the conclusion of the spring 2014 semester. Introductions were made which included: President Micah Dupler, Vice President Haley Shank, Secretary Katie Alfrey, and Treasurer Sierra Zenner. All took part in the presentation and discussed why they were psychology majors and what intrigued them about the field. They also discussed future career plans. Foundational information on the club was presented to the underclassman and newly interested students who attended the meeting. Dupler explained the mission of the Psych Club was to “not only provide information but to make connections with faculty and those in the field of psychology while fostering continued interest in psychology research and application”. Haley Shank presented Future Events. Some future plans for the upcoming year included having a round table discussion with professors as well as professionals in the career. The goal is to make a stronger connect with the faculty at OCU as well as being exposed to different career paths in our field. Future meetings will also have guest speakers from various masters programs in counseling and psychology, which will include past Psych Club members who are now in graduate programs or who have recently graduated from their own programs, including those with terminal degrees. Dr. Sylvia McDonald, faculty advisor to the Psych Club, discussed inviting students to a conference to present current research on the flipped classroom and hybrid learning in Introduction to Psychology courses. She discussed the various conferences they could attend but mentioned that she would like to focus on one that is more local to save on the Psych Club’s budget. She also highlighted that we have begun the application process with Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology. “This is especially exciting for me as it has always been my personal goal to have a chapter of Psi Chi at OCU and one in which our Psychology Department as fully supported. We have some especially excellent students here at OCU and I’m excited to help them gain international recognition for their academic achievements through Psi Chi.” With such goals, the Psych Club voted last year to limit membership based on academics. Psych Club meetings are always open to all OCU students, including non-psychology majors. However, to become a full member of the Psych Club, students must have a 3.0 Cumulative GPA and be in attendance for a minimum of 50% of all Psych Club meetings. This decision was made due to scattered attendance in previous years at Psych Club meetings. An academic component was added to highlight the Psych Club's For the first year since the Psych Club’s inception in 2010, the Student Government President, Joey Claus, allotted budget money to help fund Psych Club events. Plans were discussed for future Psych Club trips, activities, meetings and budget plans. Future trips discussed included the University of Akron's Cummings Center of the History of Psychology for a personal, behind the scenes tour lead by the Director of the museum, Dorothy Gruich. The Psych Club would again like to give special thanks to President Claus for his generosity in providing a budget for our campus Clubs and allowing attendance at meetings and membership to be free to all OCU students. Meetings for the Psych Club are held two to three times a semester. The next meeting is slated for Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 6pm. Agenda for the meeting includes a GRE prep round table discussion with faculty as well as an election for Class Representatives. If you are an underclassman and are interested in becoming a Class Rep, please contact Psych Club President, Micah Dupler at We look forward to seeing you there!