2012 Prize Winners Page - Congratulations!

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OCU Enrollment Continues to Climb
OCU continues to grow with a combined enrollment this spring of 4,156 students!

Spring 2013 Registration Prize Winners!

The Registrar Office congratulates those students who registered for their Spring 2013 classes early! The following prize winners were randomly drawn from those who registered early between October 22nd and November 4th.

Our $50 cash prize winners were Allyson Jones and Gregg Stanley.

Our $40 gift basket winners were Jennifer Barnes, Allissa Hedrick, Brittany Woodgeard, Luis Aguirre, and Chris Shillington.

Our $25 Wal-Mart gift card winners were Seth Brisker, Bethanie Schaffner, Katherine Boner, Katelyn Helmuth, Katelyn Danner, Caitlin Randolph, and Danarius Williams.