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Music Degree Candidates

Bachelor of Arts
Becoming a Music Major

Who should consider majoring in music?

The music programs are open to intermediate and advanced musicians. Most students who enter will have previous experience in performance or music ministry.

Entrance Steps

  • Audition
  • Music Theory Exam
  • References & Essay (worship degrees only)
Music Audition

BA in Music Applicants

Prepare two instrumental or vocal selections comparable in difficulty to music from the OMEA Solo and Ensemble repertoire list A or B. Instrumental auditions include examination in scales and sight reading.

Worship Leadership Applicants

Applies to students entering the BA, AA, or Minor in Worship Leadership

Voice Evaluation

Prepare two selections of contrasting style from Contemporary Christian, musical theatre or art song repertoire. Selections may be self-accompanied and students may bring accompanying musicians or a sound track.

Keyboard or Guitar Evaluation

Students with proficiency in keyboard or guitar should accompany a vocal number or play a repertoire selection.

Music Theory Placement

Prior training in music theory is an advantage, but not required. Demonstrated music aptitude is essential for admission. Students will have an opportunity to develop these skills through supplemental study if necessary.

Aural Exam

The aural portion of the placement exam has two functions: to demonstrate the student’s musical aptitude, and to establish the student’s level of sight reading or aural identification abilities. Students will be asked to sight sing, echo tonal patterns and recognize chord sonorities.

Written Exam

The written portion of this exam tests students’ knowledge of basic notation, scales, chords and rhythm. The exam determines if the student will begin the theory sequence with Music Fundamentals or Music Theory I. Contact the Music Department for a study guide.

Reference & Essay (worship degrees only)


A letter of recommendation (at least 1-2 paragraphs) from someone who has observed the student in ministry and can comment on the student’s Christian testimony.


The student's personal testimony, describing faith in Christ and calling to ministry.


Send the reference and essay to wl@ohiochristian.edu, or Ohio Christian University, ATTN: Music Department, 1476 Lancaster Pike, Circleville OH 43113.

Guidelines for Music Students

Minimum Grade Requirement

Candidates for all music programs must earn at least a C in each course in the major. Courses with a grade of C- or below do not count toward the major.

Proficiency Requirements

Worship Leadership Programs

Students must pass established proficiencies in voice and an accompanying instrument (usually piano or guitar). Beginning with limited preparation in the accompanying instrument will make the proficiency requirement a more challenging goal. Requirements are available from the Music Office or the Coordinator for Worship Leadership Programs.

BA in Music

Students must pass established proficiencies in voice and piano. Students who choose major and secondary applied areas other than voice and piano must enroll in one of these applied areas each semester until the proficiencies are both completed. Requirements are available from the Music Office.

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