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The benefits of a college education far outweigh the costs, but we do understand that getting money to pay for college may be a challenge. The Ohio Christian University Financial Aid office is prepared to help you meet your financial needs in any way possible, including federal financial aid options and on campus jobs.

Tuition & Scholarships

The 2018-19 tuition rate for full-time students is $10,403 per semester (see tuition and fee details). Ohio Christian University offers several scholarships to reward students for their hard work in high school. Scholarships are awarded upon acceptance and renewed each year as long as the required GPA and full-time enrollment are maintained.  The total combination of federal aid, state aid, and aid awarded from Ohio Christian University cannot exceed 100% of tuition.  Explore available scholarships.


Attention Students!

Do you have questions or need help filling out the FAFSA?

Watch our FAFSA Tutorial Videos or contact the Financial Aid Office at 1-844-726-7937 or for help. The Financial Aid Office's fax number is 740-477-7714.



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Come visit us! The Financial Aid Office is located in the Administration Building, at the front of campus. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please call 1-740-477-7716 or email: to schedule an appointment.


Allison Browning
Director of Financial Aid
Residential Undergraduate Program

Jessica Roaden
Assistant Director of Financial Aid


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