Community Revival

ou are invited to join the OCU family for a time of community worship and reviva

September 9, 2014 - September 11, 2014

Tuesday:10:45am & 7:00pm

Wednesday: 10:45am & 7:00pm

Thursday: 12:15pm

You are invited to join the OCU family for a time of community worship and revival. We are urging the churches of Pickaway and surrounding communities to be a part of this event. Included in the evening services will be a community choir. Please invite your choir members to represent your church each night in the choir. If you have any questions, please contact Tony McCrary, Director of Church Relations, at

Area Churches Are Invited!

Featured Guests

Musical Guests: Tony & Abby McCrary

The McCrary Family has a rich heritage in music ministry.  It all began back when Tony traveled with his parents and siblings full-time.  Singing and preaching in church almost every Sunday, Tony learned not only the trade, but a passion to tell others about Jesus, from his father, M.R. (Mac) McCrary. 

In high school Tony met Abby, who would become his wife just a few short years later at the age of 19.  The two began traveling with a quartet from Hobe Sound Bible College in 1987 and spent two years ministering to congregations across the east coast.

In 1989, Tony & Abby returned to Pennsylvania where they began their ministry as ministers of music.   In 1991, Tony accepted the call to join the staff at Ambassador Foundation Institute as the Music Director, and later served as the director of the ministry.  While serving as director at AFI, the Tony led ministry teams both domestic and internationally.

Tony enjoyed a wonderful ministry at Fortville Church of the Nazarene for over 14 years, serving not only as worship pastor for those years, but also in various other areas of ministry, such as youth pastor, school administrator, and church administrator.  Abby was right beside him every step of the way, serving as secretary for the church, pianist for the worship band, and music teacher at the school. During their ministry at Fortville, Tony & Abby joined with Kathy Ames to form a group called N'1 Accord.

Tony and Abby currently reside in Circleville, OH and serve in the Office of Church Relations at Ohio Christian University. Their responsibilities include the development and management of PR Groups, directing choirs and ensembles, and serving as a liaison between the University and churches across the nation. Tony sits as the chairman of the Board of Directors for LiveGodLoud ministries.

This new position has given the family new opportunities to minister in worship and song including concerts, revivals, camp meetings, church camps, and other events. If you would like to know more about the minstry of the McCrarys, please visit