BA in Worship Leadership (With a Minor or AA)

Bachelor of Arts

This program is designed to prepare students for worship leadership roles in the local church, while providing training in another area that increases the student's ministry and wage-earning potential.

Students can combine this degree with any minor or AA program.


Upon completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Express an evident and attractive Christian witness.
  • Communicate biblical foundations for spiritual life and ministry.
  • Demonstrate musical and leadership abilities requisite for worship ministry.
  • Plan and lead gospel-centered, edifying worship.

Required Courses






RELIGION - 26 Credits ‡






Worship Leadership Forum

Worship Leadership Forum is required each semester.



Applied Studies

Six (6) credits of applied studies are required. This requirement must be completed through MU171 Applied Voice I, MU191 Applied Piano I, Applied Instrument(s), such as guitar, trumpet, clarinet, etc., and must include at least 1 hour of MU135 Worship Keyboard or MU165 Worship Guitar.




Four (4) credits of ensemble are required. Two (2) of these credits must be completed through MU109 OCU Chorale. The remaining two (2) credits can be completed through MU109 OCU Chorale, MU140 University Band, or small ensembles (such as MU119 Chamber Singers or MU145 Chamber Ensemble).



Worship Leader Internship

Two (2) credits of Worship Leader Internship are required.



Worship Leadership Electives

Three (3) credits of Worship Leadership Electives are required. This requirement can be completed through Worship Leadership Practicum Electives, Conducting Elective (MU211 Fundamentals of Conducting, MU212 Choral Conducting, or MU375 Instrumental Conducting - 2 hours), Additional Internship Hours, MU207 Songwriting & Arranging.



MINOR or AA BLOCK - 21+ Credits

Most minors are 21 hours. Many AA programs will easily fit in this block also, since the Religion and General Education courses in the AA are already covered in the BA program.

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