BA in Music Education - Instrumental Concentration

Bachelor of Arts

Required Courses



Text: Literature Elective - 3 hours



RELIGION - 18 Credits




(Note: While listed as a required course below, Music Fundamentals may be waived if a passing score is earned on the Theory Placement Test).



Applied Instrument

Four (4) credits of Applied Instrument (100 Level) and Six (6) credits of Applied Instrument (200 Level) are required. Instrument options include the following: MU150/250 Applied Flute, MU151/251 Applied Viola, MU153/253 Applied Trombone or Euphonium, MU154/254 Applied Trumpet, MU155/255 Applied Tuba, MU156/256 Applied Saxophone, MU157/257 Applied Percussion, MU158/258 Applied Cello, MU159/259 Applied Clarinet, MU160/260 Applied Guitar, MU162/262 Applied Violin.



Applied Piano or Applied Voice

Three (3) credits of MU171 Applied Piano I are required. Three (3) credits of MU191 Applied Voice I are required for Piano majors.



Instrumental Ensemble

Seven (7) credits of Instrumental Ensemble are required. These credits can be completed by participation in MU140 University Band or MU145 Chamber Ensemble. Students are required to register for an instrumental ensemble 7 of the 8 semesters in which they are enrolled.




Seven (7) semesters of MU199 Recital with a grade of "S" or Satisfactory are required.

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