Academic Advising


In order to better serve you, an academic advisor is available to walk you through the registration process and assist with selecting the best courses for both high school credit and meeting your future college career.

Before you meet with an Advisor, you will first need to complete the application process.  Once accepted, you can either meet with your advisor personally or discuss options by phone or email. 

Once you have a scheduled time to either meet or conference by phone/email, please prepare by doing the following:

  1. Have an idea of what courses you want to take (Remember in order for the state to pay for the courses you need to have at least a 3.0 or a B in the courses you want to take). Also understand that a course that has a 300 or 400 course number is not available to you without special permission from our PSEO Director. Most of these also have prerequisites. So, focus on the courses numbered 100 or 200.
  2. Know whether you want to take the course to replace or supplement your high school classes. If you are replacing a course, in the state of Ohio, you will need to take 5 semester hours in order to get 1 high school credit. (Example: Composition 1 and 2 equal 1 English credit). Non-Ohio students should refer to their state board of education for number of college credits equaling high school credits.
  3. If you have an idea on what you would like to study in college, begin researching different programs of interest and assess what courses would best advance you when you graduate from high school.
  4. Come with your paperwork filled out if at all possible.  It speeds the process up and we can make any changes necessary during the meeting.

Here are some commonly asked questions:

Q: What courses should I take?

A: We recommend taking general education courses that you will need regardless of where you go to college. These are courses like English Composition, Psychology, Sociology, Algebra, Human Biology, etc.

Q: I want to take this course, but my GPA is not a 3.0.  Can I still take the course and what are my options?

a.    We recommend you take only courses you have a 3.0 in the subject are. 

b.    If you are on the border and have done well, make sure we have the most updated transcript and grade cards. You may be over the 3.0 but we need to see those grades to make that final call

Q: Will this course transfer?

A: Classes will transfer in almost every situation, especially if it is a general education course. Even in the rare instance where the course will not meet a university’s requirement it will often transfer in as an elective which you will need as a part of your degree.

Typical General Education requirements for most college program tracks:

1-2 Sciences (Often one science must include a lab)
2 English Composition courses
1 Literature
1-2 Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, etc.)
1-2 History
1-2 Math (depending on if seeking BS degree, Math degree or CLEP testing)
1 Speech/Oral Communication
1 Technology/Computer Literacy (this is changing – check with the schools interested in attending)
1 Ethics/Philosophy (sometimes major specific – check with schools and programs interested in)

To find out who your advisor is, please refer to the chart below:

Student category

Assigned Academic Advisor

Students taking any course on the university campus or at their high school

Emily G. Peters 
740-420-5932, Option 1

Students taking courses online only

Elayne Cabrera
740-420-5932, Option 2




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