OCU Basketball Shares Anti-Drug Message to Westfall Students

WILLIAMSPORT, OH - The OCU Men's Basketball team spent Wednesday afternoon sharing with students from Westfall Middle School.  The team headed up a presentation that was geared towards steering students away from the party lifestyle of drugs and alcohol that confronts many young people today.

"We wanted to let them know that we all have to make decisions at some point," commented OCU Head Coach Tony Stockman.  "The decisions we make ultimately will bring us closer to our life purpose and goals or they will distract us and draw us away from them."

Several OCU players shared stories from their personal lives of how their friends and family members have had their lives negatively impacted by drugs or alcohol.  

OCU international students Milen Kostov (Bulgaria) and Louis Allen (England) also shared stories from their personal lives about how they have been able overcome cultural influences to say no to drugs and alcohol unashamedly.  Trey Vaughan and Kenny Cooper opened up with the students about how their loved ones have been negatively impacted from bad decisions concerning drugs and alcohol.

"This was a great experience for me as a student-athlete,"  remarked OCU junior Trey Vaughan.  "The kids really responded to what we had to say and we hope that it will make an eternal impact in their lives."