Hostetter Signs With OCU

Ohio Christian Men's Soccer signed another player in May by signing Stu Hostetter, a transfer from Ohio University. Stu was a defensive standout for Canal Winchester until his graduation in 2008. "I have been actively pursuing Stu since I came to OCU and to see this all come together marks a big day for OCU. Stu will give us a nice boost in the defense but also help provide some offense in that defensive back line. He's aggressive and forward thinking which will allow us to counter and create more width in our attack" mentioned Coach Murton.

Stu marks the 8th recruit coming to OCU this season adding to an already history making squad of '08. "We had a great team last year but we needed more depth. The injury bug caught us late last year and we suffered for it. So we are working to make this a deeper team, so if we see injuries again, it won't be so detrimental to the team" added Murton.

Stu is yet another Pride Soccer Club player to sign with OCU. "Well, we know what were going to get with Pride players. I already know how they play. I already know their ethics. I already know how they have been coached. So it makes our decisions a lot easier to make" mentioned Murton.

OCU starts training on August 9th and will start the '09 season at Southern State on August 25th.