OCU Women Soccer Show Improvement

On Labor Day the OCU women soccer program began to regroup and move forward.  Playing a much improved Atlanta Christian College, whom OCU lost to last year 0-1, the ladies started down early in the contest 0-1 only to come back off a beautiful display of possession soccer between Sarah Peters, Liesi South and finished by freshman Heidi Bryan who scored her second goal of the season.  "It was a great display of what we are capable of.  Now we need to make it happen more consistently" added Coach Murton.  Atlanta Christian would tally one more before the half and 2 more in the second half to win 1-4.  "There are well coached and have improved a lot over just a year.  So we look at ourselves here and see the progress in which our program has taken.  We are win-less, but I think we are getting back on track since we started with some tough injuries" mentioned Coach Murton.

OCU's injuries have kept them at bay over the past few open weeks.  Starters such as Captain Liesi South have kept her less than 100%.  Captain Lacey Runion has a broken nose which will keep he out for at least weeks.  1st Team All-Region player Christine Myers finally saw some action against ACC.  Ashley Irvine is on the shelf,  Kim Uetrecht is not 100%, 1st Team All-Region player Sarah Peters is not 100% and senior Kyla Keaton is not 100%.  "Were banged up you might say, but that doesn't take anything at all away from ACC.  They played well and we enjoyed having them up for a visit" finalized Coach Murton.

Next up for the ladies is Regional foe, Johnson Bible College this friday down in Tennessee.