Christian Ministries: Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies concentration is designed primarily for students desiring a career in teaching the Bible at the university level and, as such, it is predicated upon the student pursuing further graduate work after completion of the program. This degree will prepare the student for a variety of ministries in the church immediately after graduation, such as preaching, teaching and evangelistic work. It will not likely prepare the student for pastoral ordination in most denominations without first completing further study.


Upon completion of the Biblical Studies concentration the student should:

  • Have gained a deep appreciation for the place of the Bible in the Church's life and faith.
  • Have a firm grasp of biblical history and literature.
  • Be able to trace the development of the major themes through the Bible.
  • Be able to demonstrate the necessary skill for interpreting biblical literature.
  • Be able to communicate biblical truth through teaching and preaching.
  • Be prepared to do further graduate study.
Degree Title: Bachelor of Arts
Available Formats: Traditional Undergraduate
Program Core Credit Hours: 124 semester credit hours
Additional Academic Requirements: 

General Education Core = 57 hours
Religion Core = 36 hours

An additional 16 hours of Bible Electives are required.

Math, Science, or Computer Elective- 2 Hours

Mathematics Elective- 3 Hours

Science Elective- 4 Hours

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