Psychology: Chemical Dependency Counseling

This program seeks to equip the student with a foundational grasp of human behavior and mental processes. General Biblical and professional disciplines are holistically blended to create an ongoing process of learning. Options open to graduates include the following:

  • Apprenticeships/entry level work (i.e., juvenile court/corrections, half-way house groups, social services, shelters for abused groups)
  • Graduate work seminary level
  • Graduate work university level

Additional education and supervised work may be required for certification, depending on state/institutional requirements.


Upon completion of this program a student should be able to:

  • Articulate the connection between the Bible and psychological science and describe how this unity equips the student for chemical dependency counseling.
  • Express feelings of frustration, anxiety, and patience in a healthy manner and assist others in the same healing process.
  • Establish reasonable outcomes in the counseling process that benefit counselees.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to life-long learning and the pursuit of truth.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills to use a variety of helping plans that benefit the recovery process.
Degree Title: Bachelor of Arts
Available Formats: Traditional Undergraduate
Program Core Credit Hours: 124 semester credit hours
Additional Academic Requirements: 

General Education Core = 54 hours
Religion Core = 27 hours

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