The Psychology program is designed to guide the discovery of the student's unique giftedness as relates to his/her vocational call. Special attention will be given to how faith and theory translates into application as students consider graduate school options or entry level employment. Each course in the curriculum is intended to scaffold (build, construct) the learning experience toward a capstone internship that will attempt to measure ability to learn at the next level. Additional education and supervised work may be required for certification, depending on state/institutional requirements.


Upon completion of this program a student should be able to:

  • Articulate a basic understanding of the principles of human development.
  • Understand contemporary psychological theory.
  • Attain a basic knowledge of psychological research methodology.
  • Integrate the connection between the Bible and psychological principle into a model applicable to the student's professional context.
Degree Title: Bachelor of Arts
Available Formats: Traditional Undergraduate
Program Core Credit Hours: 124 semester credit hours
Additional Academic Requirements: 

General Education Core = 54 Hours
Religion Core = 29 Hours

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