Government & Public Service

The Government & Public Service program is a faith-­based concentration designed to prepare students to serve God and society by giving students the educational background to analyze and evaluate government policy and its importance on liberties, cultural, employment, and business performance. Unlike most government relations or political science programs, the OCU Government Relations Program requires students to be versed in numerous aspects of business, economics, and related fields. Students will be prepared to exercise their Christian worldview no matter what field they enter.

Program Objectives

Students should be able to work in private and non-profit sectors that require knowledge of government and politics. Upon completion of the program students should be able to:

  • Integrate a Christian worldview into critical thinking and decision-­making related to the field of Government Relations.
  • Analyze and evaluate public policy and its impact on a nation and its people.
  • Evaluate the impact of government actions upon the quality of life and freedoms of citizens.
  • Formulate government policies that would improve economic and business performance of a nation.
  • Explain the impacts that critical events, formative documents, and political actions have had upon American culture and history.
  • Provide an argument for the rights Americans may exercise in relation to their freedoms—with specific emphasis on religious rights.
Degree Title: Bachelor of Arts
Available Formats: Traditional Undergraduate
Program Core Credit Hours: 124 semester credit hours
Additional Academic Requirements: 

General Education Core=52 hrs
Religion Core=18 hrs

*Additional courses: MG222 Career Development
and MG422 Executive Development

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