Music Education Student Becomes Pre-School Music Teacher at New Hope Christian School

Heather Coyan, a senior Music Education major was recently hired by New Hope Christian School to teach their pre-school music.  Heather will be teaching five different pre-school music classes every Monday starting April 23rd and going through the end of their school year. 

“I am very excited about this opportunity to be in a classroom teaching music and putting all the knowledge I have gained over the past four years to work,” Heather says.  

The music department at Ohio Christian University is thrilled to see that local schools are seeking to hire our students.  We hope to see many more of our students find similar opportunities in the future.

OCU's music education program offers two concentrations as part of the traditional undergraduate program: Music Education Instrumental Concentration and Music Education Vocal/Choral Concentration. For more information, or to see more academic offerings for the traditional program, please visit