Ohio Christian University Piano Professor Mary Jane Dean Adjudicates at Carnegie Mellon University

Ohio Christian University Piano Professor Mary Jane Dean

Mary Jane Dean, Adjunct Professor of Piano for Ohio Christian University, has been selected to judge student musicians auditioning for membership in the National Fraternity of Student Musicians, known as the Guild of Student Musicians at Carnegie Mellon University on May 14 through 18.  Mrs. Dean has served in this capacity for the past 15 years and has judged in five different states.  During the audition process, piano students will play from 1 to 20 pieces, hoping to demonstrate musical skills such as transposition, scales, cadences and arpeggios for the judges. 

"I am very excited that Professor Dean is able to represent our university with such an exclusive and international music fraternity" says Dr. John Anthony, Chair of the Music Department.  

Each year approximately 121,000 student musicians audition for the Piano Guild in the United States and abroad.

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