Faith & Liberty Talk Show Disaster Relief Challenge

The Faith & Liberty Talk Show, a production of Ohio Christian University, has a unique opportunity to help others in a direct way.
Ohio Christian University has been given a most generous gift of a brand new Disaster Relief vehicle for our students to respond to disasters. While we have this wonderful gift, we need to outfit the vehicle by purchasing the food, water, supplies, and a trailer to pull behind the vehicle. We have set a goal of raising $20,000.  Will you consider a financial gift to help students to respond to disasters? 

For a donation of $1,000 or more*, we will personally thank you on the air for your generosity. For the first five $1,000 gifts, we will send you a gift card for a new iPad!  Your tax deductible gifts of any size--$20, $50, $100, or $500—will go directly to Ohio Christian University students responding to disasters across this wonderful nation.

Dustin Hube's Response to Hurricane Sandy.
"During this time we gutted out homes and helped with some minor reparations. During times of crisis people just have that look in their eyes, a look of desperation and helplessness. But helping and serving those people was most enjoyable. I learned: never assume that what you have you will have forever, no matter how valuable it is." 
~  Dustin Hube

Dustin Hube's Response to Haiti after devastating earthquake.
"Repaired a missionary’s home which included the roof. Definitely changed my view of the world. We did not speak the language but learning the art of communicating through our actions and learning their needs through their body language. What I liked about this mission trip was: just knowing that the people of Haiti knew that someone cared about them and that many people put their lives on hold to come across the world to help them in time of need. They were most gracious and kind to us even though there was a language barrier. "
~  Dustin Hube


Thank you for your generosity and continued support of The Faith & Liberty Talk Show and Ohio Christian University. Your gift makes a difference in the lives of our students and those affected by disasters.

*Under IRS tax rules, your tax deductible gift will be reduced by the value of the iPad gift card.