Meet Admissions Counselor Brittany Martin

Brittany Martin is an Admissions Counselor for the Traditional Undergraduate Program at Ohio Christian University. As an Admissions Counselor, she loves meeting new people and is excited to help them fulfill their God-given purpose by being prepared with a strong Christian education.  She works with students from the northwest United States, northwest and west central Ohio and with Pickaway county students from Logan Elm and Westfall High Schools.

Q: You graduated from Ohio Christian University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management.  How did your degree from OCU prepare you for the career world?

A: My degree prepared me in multiple areas. Professionalism was something that was instilled in everyone in the business program which I’ve since learned is very important, especially when you plan to move up in a company. Professional communication, dress, and work ethic were all high priorities in the classroom setting. Because all of the courses taught at OCU are taught from a Christian worldview perspective, it prepared me to go into the business world with a strong and honest work ethic.

Q: You recently went sky diving.  Why did you decide to do this and what was it like?

A: Sky diving became my number one item on my bucket list several years ago. I kept holding off on it for different reasons but the past year has been such an amazing rollercoaster ride-new house, new roommate, new job-I just decided it was a great time to jump out of a plane! I love adrenaline rushes so this was truly an indescribable experience.  

Q: Why should a student consider coming to OCU?

A: OCU is a great environment to earn your education in, but even more importantly it’s an amazing place to discover who you are in Christ. In addition to receiving a Christ centered education, you will make connections with brothers and sisters in Christ that will last an eternity. Ohio Christian University prepares you to go out into the world and truly fulfill the great commission given to us by Christ in Matthew 28, no matter what career field you may choose.

Learn more about the Traditional Undergraduate Program or apply online. For more about Brittany, visit her Admissions Counselor profile.