Volunteers Recognized for Service to the University

Ohio Christian University Volunteer Recognition Breakfast

Ohio Christian University held its first annual Volunteer Recognition Breakfast on November 17, 2010 in the Leadership Center on the campus of OCU.  The Ohio Christian University Legacy Team consists of 40 volunteers who were recognized for hundreds of hours of service to the university.  These individuals give of their time to help support various events and projects on campus.  Debbie Smith, first lady of OCU, oversees the volunteer program and was the person responsible for getting it off the ground.  She said, "I love working with such a great group of volunteers who are excited about what they do for OCU and God's Kingdom." 

Just after a year of organization, the impact that they make is obvious.  If you have ever been to an event at OCU chances are you have seen one of our volunteers.  Whether it is a basketball game or the Gospel Concert, volunteers are on hand to meet and greet and help out in a variety of ways.  One person who you can spot at most events is Butch Peabody. Butch was the top volunteer this year logging in over 70 hours. Butch helps photograph most events at Ohio Christian University and often puts in a full day's work photographing events from beginning to end.  For his service, Butch was given an OCU pin and a gift certificate to the campus bookstore.

At the breakfast, all of the volunteers were recognized and given a gift based on the number of hours they gave over the last year. They were also greeted by Dr. Mark Smith, Ohio Christian University president, who congratulated them on their dedication to the university.  "Ohio Christian University is so thankful for the wonderful volunteers who give hundreds of hours to support the OCU team.  We could not make it without them."

As OCU continues to grow the hope is that the volunteer program will continue to grow as well.  Dr. Smith encourages anyone interested to get involved. "In fact as we are serving our community, we are looking for more volunteers. So come join us. The young energy on this campus will change your life."

To learn more about the Ohio Christian University Legacy Team and ways that you can help out, contact Debbie Smith by email at desmith@ohiochrisitan.edu or by phone at 420-5912.