Dr. Jon Kulaga

OCU President
Dr. Jon S. Kulaga

The past year has been filled with many highs and lows, as we have, together, navigated college life with COVID.  There has been the on-again, off-again need to offer on campus classes in a virtual format, challenges with athletics contests being cancelled and rescheduled, and in-person concerts going either virtual, delayed or cancelled.  I am sure there have been times it’s felt difficult to “find your footing” and make progress.  However, you should know that Ohio Christian University has always been a place that establishes its foundation on the Word of God, and not the winds of political opinion. As I have said on many occasions since becoming President in 2017, we do not follow a “donkey” or an “elephant”, we follow a LAMB!

Our path is clear, and our footing is sure, because our foundation is solid. 

From its founding, Ohio Christian University has been committed to rigorous and open inquiry with a shared understanding, that commitment to the Word of God is the defining feature of the University.  We understand that “all truth is God’s truth,” and therefore, are open to the wide variety of contributions that come from research and discovery, as well as corporate worship and cultural engagement. 

As you begin the next chapter of your story, we invite you to give serious consideration to Ohio Christian University.  With over 500 students on our main campus in Circleville, OH, and more than 2,000 students in our various sites around the state of Ohio or online, the transformative power of an Ohio Christian University education is found in the collaborative, interactive environment of the faculty-student relationship.

Finally, in addition to receiving an excellent education, at Ohio Christian University, you will also receive something that very few colleges in our nation can offer. You will learn to understand how your story fits into the larger story of God’s love and His plan for your life.  You will be advised by faculty mentors, and challenged to think deeply, and encouraged by a community learners dedicated to your academic achievement, as well as your spiritual formation.  And, more importantly, you will get to know the Author of your story … and all stories.

It’s never been a better time to consider Ohio Christian University – we look forward to welcoming you!


Jon S. Kulaga, Ph.D
Ohio Christian University


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