To “see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached" is at the heart of Operation Mobilization's (OM) mission, while Ohio Christian University’s mission to “prepare students to serve effectively in the church and society… with a biblically integrated education.” With mission statements and core values that are nearly in unison, we proudly display OM’s endorsement of our Missions Program.

Ohio Christian University offers multiple missional degree offerings that can highlight or accommodate the career path of Christ-minded students. Our BA in Global Missions is available for those determined to fulfill the great commission on a full-time basis. It emphasizes Scriptural interpretation and properly contextualizing the gospel in cross-cultural settings. We train our students with a focus on preparing missionaries to counter contemporary challenges in whatever culture they find themselves, including being able to contrast Christianity with other prominent worldviews.

A Global Missions Minor Program is also available at OCU for students majoring in other fields but who still wish to cultivate their missional acumen into a professional reality. Students can also study to obtain a professional certificate in Global Missions, encompassing four core Global Missions courses. This helps professionals expand their capabilities and become effective mission-focused workers in a foreign environment.

All of our Missions programs at OCU are available 100% online enabling working professionals to study and expand their accredited capabilities alongside other working adults who share in their passion for missions. We also offer a Christ-centered campus experience for students looking for traditional residential education.

The effective missional landscape of the 21st century has changed dramatically from the traditional definition of what a missionary is in the 20th century. OM highlights this change in their article: "What If We Redefine the Word ‘Missionary’?". They state: "Professional Christian workers are not just a different form of missionary; they are the future of missions." OCU recognizes this paradigm shift as well and designs its program offerings to facilitate this change. We are excited at OCU to have OM’s endorsement because it reaffirms our strategy in producing effective ministers of the Gospel who are prepared to meet the challenges and thrive as beacons of light on foreign soils.

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