By rigorously pursuing these goals, OCU expects to improve the effectiveness of accomplishing its mission and efficiency in use of resources. Doing so, with God's help, will be the key to OCU's long-term success and furthering God's Kingdom.

Goal 1

Ohio Christian University seeks to enroll students to prepare world-impacting societal leaders, expand and strengthen the Kingdom of God, and improve the socio-economic status of our graduates and the region.

Objective 1: Increase AGS enrollment to 2,500 students
Objective 2: Increase Traditional Campus enrollment to 550 Students.

Goal 2

Offer engaging and rigorous learning experiences that exemplify a holistic, Christ-centered, biblically-integrated education.

Objective 1: Increase retention and graduation rates (increase graduation rate of first-time students to 45%).
Objective 2: Increase qualifications and reputation of faculty (80% with terminal degree in teaching area and actively engaged in their field).
Objective 3: Offer new programs, including those in the liberal arts, and revise or eliminate under-performing programs (add 1 and eliminate or revise 1 under-performing program per year).
Objective 4: Increase communication, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills of our students (Students will test at or above the 50th percentile in comparison with peer institutions).

Goal 3

Provide a co-curricular, faith-based experience that challenges students to develop holistically as an individual able to contribute and thrive within society.

Objective 1: Increase student engagement and participation at campus events (increase attendance at events on average of 5% each year or until engagement is an average of 35% of student body.)
Objective 2: Provide services, policies, and programs that are faith based and incorporates Student Development Theory and best practice
Objective 3: Assist students in developing meaningful connections with faculty/staff, communities, and the world
Objective 4: Increase emphasis on student’s health and wellbeing 
Objective 5: Ensure a welcoming, supportive, and safe environment for a diverse student population

Goal 4

Enhance campus beauty and foster an academic and community environment.

Objective 1: Renovate/spruce up Johnson Hall classrooms
Objective 2: Finish OCUBIC unfinished space/west end upstairs

Goal 5

Strengthen the financial profile and viability of the University.

Objective 1: Increase endowment by $3 million by 2024 by (a) securing new estate gifts totaling $5 million, (b) securing new scholarship gifts totaling $2 million, and (c) securing new unrestricted gifts totaling $3 million.
Objective 2: Incrementally adjust operating budget to achieve increased revenue spread over expenses.  (Strengthen Operating Ratio)
Objective 3: Reduce and avoid long-term debt.
Objective 4: Build excess operating cash reserves equal to 90 days-cash-on-hand (This addresses the disruption of cash flow from the government concern giving us reaction time to source private funding and financing).
Objective 5: Decrease University’s debt-to-equity ratio by 15%.

Goal 6

Create within OCU a positive and professional environment in which to work and serve.

Objective 1: Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth of our employees.
Objective 2: Encourage unity throughout the organization.

Goal 7

Improve OCU’s technology to empower the growth, efficiency, and effectiveness of the university.

Objective 1: Ensure university data is accurate, reliable, and accessible. (Measured by data error reports)
Objective 2: Increase the bandwidth, security, and stability of OCU’s network infrastructure.
Objective 3: Eliminate network and campus-wide downtimes for critical systems.
Objective 4: Change requests to IT Services will be structured, planned, and communicated.

(Status as of June 30, 2021)