2012 Business Plan Competition


CIRCLEVILLE - Five finalists in the 2012 Business Plan Competition at Ohio Christian University (OCU) were honored Monday evening with awards and a dinner at OCU’s Science and Logistics Center.

The students involved in the voluntary competition are a part of the university’s Business and Government Department. To participate in the competition, students had to develop a business plan and present it to a panel of judges.

The first place winner of $4,000 was Michael Farrell, a senior, for his presentation on his business, Mike’s Landscaping. Farrell said that developing a plan for his business and getting feedback from the judges and professors was very beneficial for the business.

“This is an opportunity that not many business starters have,” Farrell said.

He said he appreciates the help he received through advice and consulting as well as the opportunity to network and meet business owners in the area. Mike’s Landscaping has locations in Circleville and Dayton. Farrell, who double majors in business administration and business management, plans to use the money he won to buy another truck for his business so two crews can work at the same time.

Kimberly Uetrecht, Caleb Hammond, Mike Farrell, Dexter Chapman, Chad Dobbs, Stuart HostetterDexter Chapman won second place and $2,000 for his presentation, The Cuppa, which is a concept for an English bistro. Third place was won by Caleb Hammond who presented a plan for Nervous Tick Records. He received $1,000. The fourth-place prize of $500 was won by Chad Dobbs and Stuart Hostetter for Premier Custodial Relocation Services, a plan for a waste removal and recycling service. Kimberly Uetrecht won the fifth-place prize of $250 for her presentation, Bella Fritz, a concept for a mobile coffee stand.

First-round judges for the competition were Dr. Sacha Walicord, chair of OCU’s Business and Government Department, Professor Dale Lear, OCU Business and Government Department, and Rob Hartman, OCU vice president of finance.

Judges for the final round of the competition were Don McIlroy, mayor of Circleville, John Morehead, owner of Home Helpers, and Paul Corson, Senior VP Branch Supervisor of Kingston National Bank. All three of the judges were in attendance at the dinner, and McIlroy was a featured speaker.

“We spent a wonderful afternoon listening to these presentations,” said McIlroy. “I want to thank you personally, as I’m sure the other two judges do. It was truly an honor for us to be here and to listen to the professionalism that you folks brought.”

McIlroy said the judges were impressed by the students’ poise and presentation but, most importantly, by their imagination.

“Please, never stop planning,” McIlroy said. “Never stop learning, and never stop imagining.”

Dr. Hank Kelly, OCU provost, said the competition was a wonderful opportunity for the students to participate in a real-life situation.

“On behalf of the whole university, I am very proud of you,” Kelly said to the students.

Kelly added that the students did not just learn knowledge at the school but how to apply that knowledge.

Walicord said he wants the students to be involved in real-life business activity.

“The Business Plan Competition is just one event of many where we try to get our students out there,” he said. “We’re not ivory-tower academics … We all have done what we teach.”

Walicord said all the students’ presentations were prepared in a professional manner.


Circleville Herald - Matt Lucas, Staff Reporter. Posted: Monday, April 9, 2012 10:25 pm