Brain Surgery Survivor Becomes AGS Star Student

Sandy Ott fulfilled one of her major career goals when she was promoted to director at Boyd County 911 after 19 years of service. Yet even after the promotion, she still felt that something was missing. Shortly thereafter, Ott was sent to the hospital after a car accident, and doctors found a life-threatening cyst in her brain and neck. After a seven-hour brain surgery, Ott remembers hearing her neurosurgeon exclaim, “God isn’t finished with her yet!”

Ott reflected, “It was obvious God spared my life for a reason. During months of recovery, I spent time praying and seeking that purpose for which God was preparing me.”Ott yearned to complete her degree, but doubts about being too old or too busy with family and work commitments filled her mind. 

“I felt unfinished and unworthy to step into larger, God-sized dreams of writing, leading in ministry, or reaching professional satisfaction,” Ott said.

A friend recommended OCU’s programs geared towards working adults. Ott brushed her fears aside and enrolled in the online program.

Ott described her academic and spiritual growth, “With each class I gained a greater sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, and discipline. I realized the importance of keeping God in everything I do and say. I developed my worldview, which I had not previously considered beyond the surface of basic Christianity.”

This May, Ott will graduate with her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Business and a concentration in Business Management. Based on her academic, volunteer, and leadership record, the faculty selected her to join the Pinnacle Honor Society. After reviewing essays, the faculty also selected Ott as the Honor Graduate for the College of Adult and Graduate Studies. In her composition she wrote:

I was fooled into believing that someone could actually be too old to go to school, to learn, or to change. Over the last two years as a student at Ohio Christian University, I have discovered the truth: no one is ever too old to learn, God uses knowledge to build us up, and He has a plan and purpose for everyone.