OCU hosts Pickaway County Emergency Planning Committee

The Disaster Management and Relief program hosted representatives from various emergency readiness fields within Pickaway County on Ohio Christian University’s campus Thursday morning.  The Emergency Planning Committee was formed to discuss emergency readiness and response all across the county.  Led by Circlevile Fire Chief Tim Teener, and Pickaway County Emergency Manager Dave Conrad, the group meets to discuss emergency needs and what each member of the committee can bring to the table in regard to resources in case of a crisis. 

The committee is made up of multiple diverse organizations from all across the county, allowing for the sharing of pertinent information and resources between the law enforcement, fire, and rescues organizations.  In addition to those you would typically find on an emergency committee, folks from the local health department, Ohio Christian University, Berger hospital, local businesses, and prison personnel are also represented.

When an emergency strikes it rarely involves only one entity or municipality in the county, so an individual approach makes little sense.  This committee allows for a multi-prong response that will better serve the Pickaway County Community.  This community-wide, all-encompassing approach helps keep Pickaway County safe and prepared.