Emergency Management Concentration Online

The Emergency Management concentration is designed to develop leadership abilities in management, to be utilized in all types of disaster situations, emphasizing Christ-like service to those in need. Graduates of this major will be trained to serve all stages of human suffering from immediate relief through community rebuilding and redevelopment.

Concentration Objective

Upon completion of this concentration, students should be able to apply key elements of emergency management strategies, theories, and concepts to simulated and practical situations.


    This course introduces and explores the field of emergency/disaster management. It provides background for dealing with disasters, victimization, and economic losses from disasters in organized ways. It examines how organizations serve communities and individuals from a service prospective. (This course is a prerequisite for all other courses in the program.)
    Development of knowledge and personal disciplines for managing one’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs in maintaining a prolonged presence in settings of high stress.
    This course is designed to learn more about the causes and consequences of naturally occurring and man-made disasters. Time will be spent on a wide range of issues including man's impact on the earth, post-war issues, etc.
    (Prerequisites: all EMT 3000-level courses)
    This course is designed as an exploration on the emergence and management of human conflict, at different levels of analysis, and on the alternative methods of dispute resolution available. The course will focus on all stages of conflict resolution and transformation, interpersonal to international.
  • Offers an overall view of emergency and disaster management by challenging students to integrate learning from all course work in solving complex emergency and disaster management problems.

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