Bachelor of Arts in Human Services

Bachelor of Arts

OCU’s Bachelor of Arts in Human Services major requires its majors to critically explore the practice of social advocacy within a Biblical worldview. Human Services majors will be prepared for a variety of professions and for graduate work in criminology, counseling, psychology, and social work. Through exposure to a broad set of readings, extensive composition activity, and oral presentations, OCU’s Human Services majors will develop the intellectual and practical skills needed to make a difference in their community.

Major Objectives

Upon completion of the program, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to think clearly, logically, critically, and creativity.
  2. Students should be able to analyze best practices in current trends related to human services.
  3. Identify, advocate for, and manage the unique expectations and needs of human services within a variety of culturally diverse communities.
  4. Integrate a Biblically based and Christ-centered approach in the practice of managing human services within a variety of contexts and to a variety of constituencies.
  5. Be accepted into a graduate program or be employed in a field related to human services.

120 Semester Credits

  • 45 credits in General Education (see General Education Requirements).
  • 30 credits in General Electives
  • 45 credits in Human Services - 21 credits must be at the 3000-level or above and include the following:
    • 21 credits in Human Services
    • 6 credits in Criminal Justice
    • 3 credits in Human Resources
    • 9 credits in Psychology
    • 6 credits in Substance Abuse Counseling


Required Human Services Courses (21 Credits)




    Criminal Justice Courses (6 credits)

    Select 6 credits from:


    Human Resources Courses (3 credits)


    Psychology Courses (9 credits)

    Select 9 credit hours from the following Psychology courses:


    Substance Abuse Counseling (6 credits)

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