Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Bachelor of Arts

The program in politics and public service invites students to reflect upon the ideas, movements, leaders, and cultural influences that shaped the political landscape of the American Republic in the past and continues to alter America’s politics in the present. Going beyond an understanding of politics and political institutions, the program’s faculty seek to influence tomorrow’s leaders in public service toward an ethical vision of government action within the framework of a Christian worldview. Through exposure to a broad set of readings, experiences, and other work, the politics and public policy program provides students with a background in the structure and trends of America’s political order and prepares them for public service.

Major Objectives

Upon graduating from the major, students should be able to:

  • Integrate Christian principles in critical thinking and decision-making in political science.
  • Understand U.S. political structure and history--how politics influences and is influenced by the contemporary culture.
  • Critically examine concepts and theories regarding the interaction of faith and politics.
  • Gather and analyze data regarding political behavior and create work that provides a reasonable interpretation of data.
  • Produce written work and/or other materials at an advanced level, appropriate for entering graduate school or a vocation.

120 Semester Credits

  • 45 credits in General Education (see General Education Requirements).
    • ENG3000 Writing in the Discipline Required
  • 39 credits in General Electives
  • 36 credits in Political Science Courses, 24 credits at the 3000-level or above.
    • 3 credits - Introduction Politics & Public Service
    • 6 credits - U.S. Politics / Law
    • 3 credits - International Relations
    • 3 credits - Political Theory
    • 3 credits - Senior Seminar / Thesis / Internship


Available Political Science Courses

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