Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bachelor of Science

OCU’s Information Technology major prepares students for a career in the information technology field. The Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology integrates information technology with business and equips students to plan, implement, and support information systems.

Major Objectives

Upon completion of this major, the student should be able to:

  • Analyze users’ technology needs.
  • Evaluate current and emerging technologies.
  • Create an effective IT project plan.
  • Integrate Christian principles in critical thinking and decision-making.
  • Apply management principles to work with people and processes within an organization.

120 Semester Credits

  • 45 credits in General Education (see General Education Requirements).
    • BUS2070 Macroeconomics recommended for Social and Behavioral Science courses. Required for the major.
    • MAT3300 Statistics recommended for Reasoning Skills. Required for the major.
    • MAT2000 Calculus I recommended for Reasoning Skills. Required for the major.
  • 30 credits in General Electives
  • 45 credits in Data Analytics Required Courses


Major Requirements

The following prerequisites must be completed before starting the major:


Required Information Technology Courses

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