Elective Courses for Adult & Online Degree Programs

AB2000 Farm Management
A study of the economic and management principles involved in the buying, financing, organizing, operating, and administering of an agricultural production unit. see complete description »
AB2100 Agribusiness Sales
A study of the basic principles and concepts of selling with emphasis on application to agribusiness. see complete description »
AB2200 Introduction To The Animal And Poultry Industries
General introduction to nutrition, reproduction, breeding, management and description of marketing channels of animals and poultry. see complete description »
AB2300 Field Crop Production
Management of field crops, including growth and devel­opment, establishment, pest management, environmental considerations, rotations of crops and chemicals, harvest­ing, storage and market see complete description »
CM1100 Survey of Children’s Ministries
A study of the nature and needs of childhood with special attention to nurturing and enriching the moral and spiritual development of the child. see complete description »
CM1200 Survey of Youth Ministries
This course will explore current trends in youth ministry found within the evangelical church and youth culture abroad, while giving special emphasis to practical tools and techniques that may be... see complete description »
DM3002 Introduction to Disaster Response and Recovery
  see complete description »
DM4002 Natural and Man-made Disasters
This course is designed to learn more about the causes and consequences of naturally occurring and man-made disasters. see complete description »
DM4102 Trauma: Understanding & Intervening
The issue of trauma is something that any good disaster worker needs to understand and know how to identify. see complete description »
DM4202 Emergency Work in Conflict Situations
This survey course will highlight the issues surrounding conflicts and terrorism. see complete description »
ED1000 Introduction to Early Childhood Development
This class provides a broad base of information about teaching and caring for young children ages birth through five years old in group settings. see complete description »
EN0999 Writing Skills
This course provides a foundation for successful writing at the collegiate level. Special emphasis is given on students’ particular needs in grammar, sentence construction, and the writing process. see complete description »
HI1000 History of Civilization
This course studies the development of the Western world and its institutions and ideas. see complete description »
HI1100 Church History
Church History is a study of the development of Christianity from its inception to the time of Reformation. see complete description »
HM4000 Healthcare Industry
This course provides a comprehensive overview of the healthcare industry including healthcare organizations and structures, public policy makers, and healthcare operations. see complete description »
HM4010 Legal And Regulatory Issues In Healthcare
This course is an introduction to legal and regulatory standards governing healthcare organizations. see complete description »
HU1201 US History: 1877- Present (Online)
This course surveys the political, economic, and social factors that shaped the United States. see complete description »
MG3020 Managers in Organizations
This course covers the roles managers can and do play (past, present, future) to create and modify organizations in their quest to fulfill the organizational mission. see complete description »
MG4040 Human Resources for Managers
This course analyzes the major human resource management functions in an organization. see complete description »
NT3000 Acts of the Apostles
A study of the Acts of the Apostles that specifically follows the historical expansion of the church through doctrinal development, growth in understanding, evangelism, and geographical expansion... see complete description »
PH2000 Introduction to Philosophy
An overview of philosophical vocabulary and concepts, followed by an historical survey of the development of Western philosophy. see complete description »
PL1000 EQUIP® Leadership I
Overview of biblical leadership principles that are timeless and universal. Introduces students to the characteristics of leaders, developing leadership skills, and providing needed tools to lead. see complete description »
PL2000 EQUIP® Leadership II
Deeper understanding of biblical leadership principles. Addresses the contents of Dr. John C. see complete description »
PL2100 EQUIP® Leadership III
Application of biblical leadership principles through an in-depth study of Dr. John C. Maxwell’s book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. see complete description »
PL3001 Personal Leadership
This course focuses on developing personal leadership skills by exploring self-concept, self-esteem, personal values, time and stress management, as well as self management in conflict situations. see complete description »
PL4201 Psychology of Leadership
This course presents the psychological underpinning of leadership. see complete description »
SI2040 Chemistry
This course is designed to help students develop a basic understanding of chemistry and how it is related to our environment and our everyday lives. see complete description »
SO2000 Introduction to Sociology
This course is a beginning study of sociology. see complete description »
TH2001 Holiness Literature
The historical development of the quest for holy living throughout Christian history giving particular attention to the eighteenth through the twentieth century. see complete description »

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