Over 260 OCU Students in Georgia - Onsite and Online!

OCU-Morrow Update

The generous financial gifts of Dr. Malon Mimms and Dr. Jim and Nancy Dornan have already realized an eternal impact!  In just nine short months, 61 students have started class at the OCU Southlake Parkway property in Morrow and an amazing 200+ Georgia students have now heard about OCU and are taking online programs.  As Morrow MBA student Frank Williams states:

“Being a student in the MBA program at OCU–Morrow has given me hope. The management program has helped me learn to structure my life and has provided me tools necessary to pursue lifelong business dreams.  A major motive for choosing Ohio Christian University was the idea of seeing business through the prism of the Christian worldview.  Weekly devotionals and a faith-based curriculum have helped me understand why Christian business leaders like Chick-fil-A’s Truett Cathy are so successful.  Because of what I have already experienced in just 3 months at OCU, I plan to move on to complete my doctorate degree!”

Ohio Christian University is the accredited, non-profit leader in affordable education for the working student and is very proud to offer convenient associate, bachelor and master degree programs in Georgia. OCU was just rated one of most affordable programs in America by an independent firm and over 95% of OCU graduates report being employed.