The Convenience of Online Giving

In today’s world convenience has never been more important. Now, there are many things to criticize about society’s desire for convenience, but thoughtful people might also recognize that the need for convenience is neither good nor bad; it is just a byproduct of a busy time. People have full lives and creating convenience is a way to create additional space in lives filled to the brim. A rapidly growing segment of society has replaced the checkbook and stamp for a computer, tablet, or smart phone. E-commerce has paved the way for e-charity.

Initially concerns about security, privacy, or just inexperience with the device may have kept a lot of people from taking advantage of the convenience of online giving, but more and more people are realizing that e-charity is a safe and very convenient way to be generous.

Ohio Christian University is committed to serving our donors in making generosity secure, private, and very convenient. We encourage you to take advantage of OCU’s on-line giving platform at If there is any other way we can enable your partnership with us to be more convenient, please let us know. Whether it comes through a check or a click of a button, our students are grateful for your generosity!

Give online today at!


By R.D. Saunders
Southeast Director of Advancement