Alumni Council

The purpose of the Council is to “maintain a strong religious and spiritual emphasis among its alumni, to stimulate and strengthen loyalty, and to provide means of fellowship and communication” (OCU Alumni Association Constitution). Our goal is that the Alumni Council will be an advocate for our alumni.

Current Alumni Council Members

  • Michael Tipton (’04), president
  • Michelle Blanton (’08), vice-president
  • David Uhl (’03), former president
  • Wendell Brown (’99), member-at-large
  • Pam Jordan (’79), member-at-large
  • Bruce Morrison (’84), member-at-large
  • Melissa Dulaney (’99), member-at-large
  • Vanessa Baker (’10), member-at-large
  • Joshua Pritchard (’10), member-at-large
  • Jamie Hanning (AIM ’10), member-at-large
  • James Alexander (AIM ’10), member-at-large