Follow Christ, Lead the Way
This degree program is available in the following format:

100% Online courses in a 5-week as-you-go flexible format for busy adults featuring forum discussions and weekly assignment deadlines.


  • The covenants of the Bible as an interpretative paradigm for understanding how God has worked and continues to work with his creation, particularly humankind, leading to redemption.
  • A study of the Gospels focusing upon the life, ministry, leadership, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, with a view toward applying His life-changing principles to one’s everyday life.
  • The contexts of the New Testament, including cultural and geographical settings, and the political arena of the New Testament, and the application of this knowledge to understanding the New Testament.
  • TBA
  • The history of the first-century church, including doctrinal development, growth in understanding, and geographical expansion through evangelism and the missionary activities of its members, with emphasis on the activities of major first-century leaders, including Peter, James, and Paul.

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