Dr. David Garrison Moving to Consultant Role for Ohio Christian University

OCU President Dr. Mark A. SmithGreetings to all.
I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Fourth of July. God Bless America and thank God for our nation. Below is an announcement that I thought all of you would like to know about from OCU. Our chair of Business Dr. David Garrison is running for Congress. He will still work for OCU (read below). Our new chair of Business will be fantastic - Dr. Sacha Walicord was Dave's recommendation.

Dr. David Garrison has announced that he is running for U.S. Congress in his home of Texas. Professor Garrison will continue to serve Ohio Christian University but as a consultant from Texas with planned trips to OCU each year. He will continue to teach in a blended format of online/onsite classes. He will lead trips for the University to places like Wall Street, Washington DC, etc. and lead the newly formed Government Relations major. Garrison was the Chair of Ohio Christian University's Business Department.

Dr. David GarrisonIn making this change Dr. Garrison says, "I will absolutely continue to give whole-hearted support to Ohio Christian University and the students who made our limited time there so rewarding for us. Without the wonderful students we have and our great God, none of this would have been possible." He concludes, "I want to thank all of the staff and my fellow professors who have welcomed me, held my hand, and made my time at OCU one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I also want to thank all of the students who have shown such grace and friendship to my wife and me."

Dr. Sacha Walicord has been hired to head OCU's Business Department as Garrison's successor. Dr. Walicord with a PhD in Jurisprudence Law and a second PhD (ABD) in Economics, comes to the University from his previous position as the MBA lead faculty at Franklin University and also served as faculty at MT. Vernon University. He will bring additional international experience and was the recommendation of Dr. Garrison.