BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH X-WR-CALNAME: Calendar | Ohio Christian University PRODID:-//Drupal iCal API//EN BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.8031.field_date.0.0 SUMMARY:OCU President Hosts Trip to Israel DTSTAMP:20150305T124754Z DTSTART:20150306Z DTEND:20150316Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:Trip to Israel is postponed until further notice. Details will be posted here \n when it is rescheduled.\n \n Make plans to join President Mark Smith this year\, as he and a team return to \n the Holy Land of Israel. \n \n /Jerusalem Sites/\n \n * Holocaust Museum (Yad Vashem)\n * Mt. of Olives\n * Palm Sunday Road\n * Gethsemane\n * House of Caiaphas \n * Upper Room\n * Western Wall\n * Via Dolorosa\n * Garden Tomb\n \n //\n \n  \n \n /Galilee Sites/\n \n * Mt. of Beautitudes\n * Capernaum\n * Ancient Boat\n * Valley of Tears\n * Caesarea Philippi\n * Lebanon\, Syria Border and Bunker\n \n /Judean Desert Sites/\n \n * Qumran\n * Masada\n * Swim in the Dead Sea\n \n /Jezreel Valley Sites/\n \n * The Valley of Armageddon \n * Megiddo \n * Caesarea by the Sea\n * Roman Aquaduct\n * Ancient City of Joppa\n \n -------- PACKAGES ------------------------------------------------------------\n \n *Land & Air Fare Package:* $4\,499.00/person Double Occupancy from New York \n City. /This price is guaranteed through August 31\, 2014./\n \n *Land Package Only*: $3\,499.00/person. Double Occupancy\n \n .... *Included in Price of Tour*\n \n * Round trip airfare from New York City\n * Entrance fees to all sites\n * Transfer/Portage to and from hotels/airports\n * Sightseeing by deluxe motor coach\n * 3 meals per day (beverages not included)\n * Deluxe hotel accommodations\n * All taxes and tips\n * Professional English speaking guides\n \n   END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.7835.field_date.0.1 SUMMARY:Spring Break - No Classes (Traditional Undergraduate) DTSTAMP:20150305T124754Z DTSTART:20150309Z DTEND:20150314Z URL;VALUE=URI: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.9085.field_date.0.2 SUMMARY:Institutional ACT Testing DTSTAMP:20150305T124754Z DTSTART:20150321T134500Z DTEND:20150321T180000Z URL;VALUE=URI: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.4213.field_date.0.3 SUMMARY:Dinner Concert with the Collingsworth Family and The Guardians DTSTAMP:20150305T124754Z DTSTART:20150321T224500Z DTEND:20150321T224500Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:Join us for a dinner and gospel concert with the Collingsworth Family and The \n Guardians!\n \n .... Ticketing Options\n \n * *$35 *for the concert and dinner\n * *$15 *for the concert only (balcony seating)\n \n .... Buy online [1] or call 740-420-5903 today!\n \n /Doors open at 5:00pm for dinner concert and at 6:30pm for concert only. /\n \n /Dinner begins at 5:45pm\, and concert begins at 6:45 pm/\n \n -------- MENU* ---------------------------------------------------------------\n \n * Premium Buffet\n * Salad\n * Two meat selections (one meat at carving station)\n * Two side dishes\n * Two Vegetable side dishes\n * Dinner roll and dessert\n * Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee\, Hot and Iced Tea\, Iced Water\n \n /*Menu is subject to change./\n \n  \n \n \n [1] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.9144.field_date.0.4 SUMMARY:The Carillon Brass DTSTAMP:20150305T124754Z DTSTART:20150324T000000Z DTEND:20150324T010000Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:The Music Department of Ohio Christian University and the Pickaway County \n Community Foundation are proud to present the Carillon Brass Quintet in \n concert on Monday\, March 23 at 7 p.m. in Detty Chapel. Because of a generous \n grant by the Pickaway County Community Foundation the concert is free\, but \n tickets are required. Tickets may be reserved by calling the Music Department \n at 740420-5905. Limited seating is available\, so come early to secure your \n seat. If you have any questions you may contact the music department at \n [1]. or by phone at 740-420-5905.\n \n ------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n -------- THE CARILLON BRASS --------------------------------------------------\n \n The Carillon Brass consists of five talented brass players with a wide \n variety of experience\, significant careers\, and a love of brass music in all \n forms and styles.\n \n * The Carillon Brass has performed in major U.S. brass festivals in France\,\n Hong Kong\, Australia and community artist series throughout the\n mid-west. \n * The Carillon Brass performs over 150 educational concerts\, clinics\, and\n masterclasses each year\, and has been chosen to participate in the U.S.\n State Departments’ ensemble touring program.\n \n Equally at home in community artists series\, chamber music concerts\, young \n person’s concerts\, or orchestral appearances\, The Carillon Brass can \n provide just the right musical environment to fit the occasion. Programs \n available from The Carillon Brass include:\n \n /A Carillon Brass Christmas/\n \n /Concert & Recitals: Classics in Brass/\n \n /On Orchestral Showcase/\n \n /A Young Person’s Guide to the Brass Family/\n \n /New Directions in Brass: Music of Our Time/\n \n Charles Pagnard and Alan Siebert\, trumpets\, provide the brilliant high \n sonorities for the The Carillon Brass. Charlie\, after receiving the M.M. \n degree in trumpet performance from Eastman School of Music\, came to the \n Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra in 1982. He is active as extra trumpet for the \n Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and is associate professor of music at \n Cedarville College. Alan joined The Brass after playing principal trumpet \n with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra and teaching at Michigan State \n University. In addition to playing with the Dayton Philharmonic\, Alan teaches \n at The College Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati.\n \n Richard Chenowith\, hornist\, provides the beautiful middle register of the The \n Carillon Brass. Richards holds the first DMA horn performance degree ever \n awarded by the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and is associate \n professor of music at the University of Dayton. In addition to his position \n as co-principal horn of the Dayton Philharmonic\, he is active as a clinician \n and soloist. During the summers\, he performs with the Santa Fe Opera.\n \n Walt Oliver\, trombone\, and Steven Winteregg\, tuba\, provides a sonorous and \n resonant foundation to the Carillon Brass. Walt graduated magna cum laude \n from the College Conservatory with a master’s degree in performance\, and \n has played with the Cleveland Opera and Ballet Orchestras. He is currently on \n the faculty of the University of Dayton. Steve holds a DMA in composition \n from Ohio State University and is internationally recognized as a composer. \n He teaches at Wittenberg University and has won numerous awards from ASCAP \n and the International Horn Society.\n \n \n [1] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.8991.field_date.0.5 SUMMARY:Preview Day for the Traditional Undergraduate Program DTSTAMP:20150305T124754Z DTSTART:20150326T144500Z DTEND:20150326T190000Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:Join us for this Preview Day to experience what it would be like to be a \n student on campus at Ohio Christian University. The day will include a \n presentation by staff and students\, a chapel service with the student body\, \n lunch in the new cafeteria\, an exploration session to meet faculty and \n coaches\, and a campus tour.\n \n *The day will begin at 9:45 a.m. in the Welcome Center in Johnson \n Hall.*  Download a campus map [1] or get directions [2].\n \n \n [1]\n [2] END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.1841.field_date.1.6 SUMMARY:March Financial Aid DTSTAMP:20150305T124754Z DTSTART:20150331Z DTEND:20150401Z RRULE:FREQ=YEARLY;INTERVAL=1;UNTIL=20180105T055959Z;WKST=SU URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:-------- NEW STUDENTS -------------------------------------------------------\n \n Continuing Students: March 15th is Ohio Christian University's priority \n deadline to complete the FAFSA. Some Federal grants are awarded on a first \n come\, first served basis. HURRY! MONEY IS BEING AWARDED FAST! \n \n Please Note: The Church Matching Grant Form [1] is only available to \n Traditional Undergraduate Students only.\n \n \n [1] Matching Grant Form2.pdf END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.7836.field_date.0.7 SUMMARY:Easter Break - No Classes (Traditional Undergraduate) DTSTAMP:20150305T124754Z DTSTART:20150403Z DTEND:20150407Z URL;VALUE=URI: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.9154.field_date.0.8 SUMMARY:Young Harris College Faculty Artist Duo: Dr. Richard Knepp\, guitar & Dr. \n Leigh Miller\, clarinet DTSTAMP:20150305T124754Z DTSTART:20150408T000000Z DTEND:20150408T013000Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:*Richard Knepp* received his Bachelor's degree from Georgia College & State \n University and completed his Master's degree at Georgia State University. He \n received his doctorate from the University of Georgia under the direction of \n acclaimed guitar instructor John Sutherland. He was selected to study and \n perform for Manuel Barrueco in his annual master class at the Peabody \n Conservatory\, and with Christopher Parkening in his annual master class at \n Montana State University.\n \n  \n \n As a performer\, Dr. Knepp has presented recitals throughout the south and has \n been a featured artist during the annual North Georgia Guitar Summit and the \n University of Texas-Pan American Guitar Convention.  He has also performed \n with ensembles such as the Atlanta Guitar Trio\, the Macon Civic Chorale and \n the North Georgia Chamber Symphony.\n \n  \n \n *Leigh Miller* earned her Doctor of Musical Arts degree in 2009 and Master of \n Music degree in 2006 from The Ohio State University.  While at Ohio State\, \n she received the prestigious University Fellowship Award\, the Mary Hubbell \n Osburn Memorial Graduate Scholarship\, and served as Graduate Teaching \n Associate for the clarinet studio. She has appeared as a featured soloist at \n the Georgia Music Educators Association annual In-Service conference\, the \n Society of Composers\, Inc. conference\, with the Toccoa Symphony Orchestra \n (Toccoa\, Ga.) and The Ohio State University Symphony Orchestra.  She may be \n heard on the Naxos recordings “Winds of Nagual” and “Southern \n Harmony.”  Her primary teachers have included James M. Pyne and Kim \n Ellis.  In 2012 she performed a guest recital at Eastern New Mexico \n University\, premiering Daniel Perttu’s “Tarantella Folli” for clarinet \n and piano\, and this spring she will premiere his “Callanish\,” a work she \n commissioned for clarinet and wind band on April 16th in Young Harris\, \n Georgia. END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT UID:calendar.7137.field_date.0.9 SUMMARY:Pastoral Leadership Seminar with Dr. Stan Toler and Pastor Gerald Brooks DTSTAMP:20150305T124754Z DTSTART:20150408T190000Z DTEND:20150408T210000Z URL;VALUE=URI: DESCRIPTION:Ohio Christian University is pleased to present a special opportunity for \n pastors to spend an afternoon with Dr. Stan Toler and Pastor Gerald Brooks.\n \n .... Dr. Stan Toler\n \n Stan Toler is a dynamic international speaker\, bestselling author\, and \n compassionate teacher. His approachable and interactive leadership style \n fosters a high-energy\, collaborative environment where growth and change \n occur. Stan is committed to the idea that everyone with even a small amount \n of leadership talent can become a good—even great—leader. Zig Ziglar said \n of Toler’s expertise\, “Stan teaches principles and procedures that will \n build a business\, a church\, a home\, a community\, or a nation.” A prolific \n writer\, Toler has authored more than ninety books.\n \n .... Pastor Gerald Brooks\n \n Pastor Gerald Brooks is a gifted leadership speaker who travels with Dr. John \n Maxwell teaching organizational leadership. As an inductee of the \n International Leadership Hall of Fame\, he is a mentor for numerous high \n profile pastors. He has authored eight signature books and co-authored the \n highly acclaimed Ladder Focus.\n \n ------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n  \n \n -------- BLESS YOUR PASTOR! --------------------------------------------------\n \n *Purchase tickets as a gift for your pastor! *They will be refreshed and \n encouraged through the ministries of Dr. Stan Toler\, Pastor Gerald Brooks\, \n Dr. John Maxwell\, and Gov. Mike Huckabee.\n  \n -------- $40 ADMISSION INCLUDES ----------------------------------------------\n \n * Pastoral Leadership Seminar with prominent church growth coach Gerald\n Brooks\n * Seminar materials and supplemental resources\n * Executive Dinner\n * Reserved seating at the Leadership Forum Grand Evening Event [1] featuring\n Dr. John Maxwell and Gov. Mike Huckabee\n \n /This special offer is limited to senior and staff pastors and their \n spouses.// Registration begins at 1pm EST./\n  \n .... /The Leadership Forum evening event [2] features Dr. John Maxwell and\n Gov. Mike Huckabee./\n \n \n [1]\n [2] END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR