Follow Christ, Lead the Way


    The biblical and theological basis for missions as found in the Old Testament creation narratives, the history of Israel, Israel’s worship, the prophetic witness and in the New Testament, Jesus’ Incarnation, the great commission passages, Pentecost, and the writings and work of Paul.
    Offered: Spring, even semester Prerequisite: MI100
    Principles of communication, cross-cultural barriers to communication, and techniques and skills for cross-cultural communication.
    Offered: Fall, even semester Prerequisites: MI100; SP200, CM301, or MG112
    A seminar-course analysis of global Christianity, contemporary cultures, new frontiers in mission theory and theology, and the direction of Christian missions.
    Offered: Fall, even semester Prerequisite: MI100, Junior standing
    Readings and research in the internal, organizational and practical aspects of missions, including candidate selection, funding, interpersonal relationships, family and ministry tensions, and development of a personal philosophy of missions.
    Offered: Spring, odd semester Prerequisite: MI100 Applied music courses are listed at the end of the MU section.
    The elements of culture and processes of enculturation, with study primitive cultures in today’s world. Appreciation for the diversity of lifestyles and intentional objectivity are indispensable corollaries.
    Offered: Fall, odd semester Prerequisite: MI100, SO101
    A comparative study of major world religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity.
    Offered: Fall, odd semester Prerequisite: TH100

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