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Design and implement a unique research protocol and interpret, summarize and present research findings.


    Introduction to the concerns for which counseling skills are needed. Counseling methods, diagnosis of the concern, and application of a solution to that concern. Practice counseling through role playing.
    Offered: Fall Prerequisite: PS102
    Application of diverse perspectives to psychological research and practice. Importance of diversity in psychological sub-disciplines. Approaches for serving underserved groups, with application of current theory and research.
    Offered: Fall, even semester Prerequisite: None
    Cognitive theory and research applied to everyday experiences and mental processes. Overview of cognitive psychology and perception, including attention, memory and forgetting, and language and information processing.
    Offered: Fall, odd semester Prerequisite: PS102
    A survey of the history, methods, and content of modern psychological theory, research, and application. Schools of psychology, central theories and their chief contributors in their historical and philosophical context, and the historical, social, and intellectual forces that influence the current field of psychology.
    Offered: Spring, odd semester Prerequisite: PS102
    Common problems addressed by the Christian counselor. Marriage counseling, death and dying, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, and chemical dependency. Builds on and applies previous methods of counseling course work.
    Offered: Spring Prerequisite: PS201, PS311
    The physiological foundation for behavior and mental processes, including the biochemical, anatomical, and neurological basis for psychological functions such as emotion, learning, cognition and pathology.
    Offered: Fall, even semester Prerequisite: PS102

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